Emergency Only: (262) 432-7910 or (877) 500-9592
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Emergency Only: (262) 432-7910 or (877) 500-9592
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What You'll Need to File

The information that is required to file a locate request can be broken down into three categories: contact information, dig site location and dig site information. Below is a summary of the required information.

All of this information needs to be provided whether you are calling Diggers Hotline or filing online.

  1. Your Name, Phone & Email
  2. Address, Street, City, State Zip Code
  3. Field Contact & Phone Number
Dig Site Physical Location
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  2. The address of your dig site
  3. The side of the street your dig site is on and the nearest intersecting road
Dig Site Information
  1. Start date
  2. Work Type
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  4. Marking Instructions
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